The Austin Birthday Pancake

My mother started a tradition that lives on even to this day, at least in my home.
Every year on our birthdays, she would make a pancake in the shape of our initial. When we would sit to breakfast, a candle would be burning and the singing would begin. Because there were 200 children who lived in our home, we ate a LOT of pancakes.
Corny, I know. But after 44 years of Birthday Pancakes, it is a hard habit to break. No, my mother does not come to our house and make me a pancake each February 22. I’ve asked. She refused.
I have, instead, picked up the tradition by making the delicious alphabet bites for my own three chidren. That’s right. Three times a year we eat educational flap-jacks.
An “E” for Emily is kind of tough. “B” for Ben isn’t to bad. Making a “J” for Jonathan has always requires real skill.
I’m sure you have your own traditions and I would love to hear about them. They might even make an appearance on Austin’s Acre, if not on the Austin’s breakfast table!

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