A Tribute…Until We Meet Again

My Aunt Ardie sent this to me through an email. I am usually reluctant to open emails that have been forwarded several times. Typically they explain that you must send them on to 73 of your favorite friends or you don’t love God, your country, or your mother.

But this is different. It is a beautiful pictorial tribute to the men and women who dedicate and commit their lives to our military service. As a result, they are sent into harm’s way and willingly give up their lives for my freedom.

You may not agree to the war in Iraq.
You may not fall in line with the tactics used in the War on Terror.
You may deplore the direction we are headed as a nation.
But our troops go where they are sent and do what they are told. They deserve our respect and our support.

Follow this link and I promise you will have a tear in your eye before the show is over.


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