Winter Wonderland

As I write this the outside temperature is 1 degree above zero. The windchill is -30 degrees. There is frost on the trees and the air is so cold that your breath will freeze before it leaves your mouth.

My water fountain is frozen solid. The dogs don’t want to go out (this is my biggest concern). And we have to leave for church in an hour and a half.

So here is my question? What Would Jesus Do? I mean, if he had a gas heater at full blast, a 3 bedroom home with extra comforters on the beds, two cars parked in the shelter of the garage, his coffee perfectly perking in the kitchen and yesterday’s paper in his lap? Do you think that Jesus would go to CHURCH?

When you have an answer, please get back to me. Do not call, just send an email. I don’t want the phone to wake the kids.

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