Can You Sense It?

I jump as I hear the first crack of thunder and the flash of lightning. Before I can move to head inside I am covered in the freezing, wet rain. I look up and am treated to a few drops in my eyes. I am reminded that I don’t have my shoes on as I take a step forward onto a pile of worms. I hear the squish they make only faintly over the noise of the thunder and the rain splashing on top of my ears.

The smell of rain drags itself into my nose as I take a deep breath. My soaked clothes are flat and heavy as I pick my foot up out of the worms. I splash it down and begin to feel a joy rising up inside of me. I stomp again and again. Soon I am kicking and splashing around my drive. Then a rumble starts up and I look as my garage opens. My dad smiles and says, “Time to come in.”

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