My World, Made Smaller

I received a gift this summer. I found a lost friend and her amazing family.

During a church service earlier this summer, we were listening to the announcements. Same-ol’, same-ol’. And then this man stepped forward and was introduced. It was obvious from his clothing and his dialect that he was from India. We scanned the program to learn the stranger’s name. Our eyes fell to the monicor for he and his wife. Could it even be possible that this man, Sunil Sardar and his wife, Pam, were a flash from our past?

After the service we went to the information table and inquired. And suddenly, she was there. My friend, Pam, came to the booth and we hugged and we cried and cried in each others’ arms.

I met Pam in 1982 at Ball State University. We knew each other for one year and we changed each others’ lives in ways we can not fully explain.

For my part, I remember that I bought her a bird to keep her company when she started teaching in Elkhart. For her part, she offered a good-hearted friendship and a wonderful laugh. Together, we now share a faith and trust that God is bigger than us all.

So on this journey from New Deli, she and her wonderful family came to raise support from the many churches and organizations who believe in the ministry of Pam’s husband. He works tirelessly to end the caste system in India. He is the founder of an organization called Truthseekers. You can find more information by visiting their site at

The gift of their visit was enriched when we gathered together for supper one warm evening in July. Our kids sang Disney songs, laughed, and talked as if they had known each other for their entir life. Perhaps they have. A few weeks later they met again to make tie-dye shirts. It was a wonderful afternoon and ended far too soon.

The final remaining family members flew home today. We will miss them. It is as if a part of our hearts has traveled to the other side of the earth. Thank God that He is faithful. I know that we will see one another again and share more laughter and fun. But even more importantly, we will work together to bring justice and equality to the most populated nation on earth.

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