This is our front living room. Nothing special. A chair. A plant. Some CD’s. A TV Cabinet. Three clocks.

What? You don’t have three clocks in your living room? Until recently, we had one clock telling us the time in that room. Interestingly, this one clock was never in sync with the clock in the kitchen or the alarm beside my bed. It was if each room had its own time zone.

This inspired a thought. If there are different times in each room of my house, I wonder if there are different times in other parts of the world. So, being the diligent writer and creative thinker I am, I did some research.

You may not know this and I’m happy to share this mystery with you. There are different time zones throughout the world. One of our good friends lives in Tokyo, Japan. When I’m going to sleep, he’s just getting up! We are raising awareness and funds for orphaned children in Nairobi, Kenya. They eat their lunch about the same time that I eat my breakfast.

When I look at that wall I am encouraged to know that God hears my prayers for my friend and the orphans any time of day.

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  1. I must confess; you shouldn’t need to have reminders to pray but I think they are very helpful. When my daughter Jessica was in Africa on an internship, I did much the same thing.

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