Celebration of Creation

Darkness. Emptiness. A vast void. Nothing of form. Nothing with shape.

But God was there.

And God wanted light. And with a word, He spoke light into existence. The light shined brighter than the morning sun. It filled the expanse. And the light was pleasing to God.

God spoke again and sky became reality. The great expanse opened for the very first time. And the sky was pleasing to God.

God wanted land & sea. He spoke and entire oceans formed. Rivers flowed. Lakes filled. And dry ground appeared. God looked at his creation. The land was good. The water was good.

God spoke it and it was so: Plants of every kind, from the smallest clover to the greatest oak. Vegetation bearing fruit, producing seeds, creation recreating and repopulating. God looked at his creation and found that it was good.

God spoke and lights filled the night sky. The moon found its orbit. The tide was born. The seasons began. God saw the new, fresh buds of early spring, the gentle summer rain, the rainbow of color in autumn, and the delicate snowflake as it settled in windblown drifts. He declared that this was good.

God spoke again and the waters filled with fish, the sky filled with birds and it was good. God spoke to his creation. God desired that his creation would recreate. Increase in number. Multiply. Sing from the branches, swim in the quiet mountain streams. Fly, swim, move above the earth and through the waters.

Next came the ox and the ass, the lion and the lamb; each after their own kind. With a word, they were made and each one was found to be good.

A new being would be created; a being in God’s own likeness: Unlike the fish, unlike the birds, different from the livestock, unique in all creation. God created Man: Humanity. Man and Woman made in His own image; male and female, he spoke them into being.

And then he blessed them. He gave them life. He gave them purpose. He gave them a charge. And it was so.

God saw all that he made. He surveyed his creation. From the single ant, to the mighty mountain, to Man & Woman in the garden, and it was very good.
Photo Credit: Charles Nading 2006

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