Another Men’s Trip

The weekend started off with a photo and a group hug. It could be our last.
Our hope was to have an enjoyable weekend of hiking, cooking out, exploring. We hoped to have long and meaningful talks.
We left Noblesville and drove the two hours south, stopping only for a man-sized meal at Hardee’s.
Once we arrived, our host led us around the 80 acre property, which is solely dedicated to woodlands and family fun. It is beautiful land with a pond near the log new log cabin and well-worn paths carved by many deer.
A little work needed to be done on the zip line before it could be used. After hoisting the property owner up 20 feet, he removed several limbs, tightened some line and we were ready to go.
We made several test runs and then we ran the full length of the line. Unfortunately, there was a terrible accident. Follow this link for some video of the actual injury.
I am currently sitting at home, legs propped up, waiting for a call back from my orthopedic surgeon.
Okay, not really. The video is a set up…but we felt like it worked pretty well. Let me know what you think.

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