Panera Ponderings

Sitting at Panera Bread, reading some of my past Blog postings and chewing on a Smoked Turkey sandwich, I find myself amazed: This is really a good sandwich.

No…Wait…That isn’t what amazes me. While the turkey is indeed smoky, I am more impressed with God’s love for me. I am moved by God’s faithfulness. I am stirred by God’s goodness. I am humbled by his faithfulness over space and time. And in an instant, I am taken away from this place of peace to a time nine years before that is filled with turmoil and pain.

We left Avilla in May 1998. We took up residence in a rental home in Carmel: 900 square feet of joy. Two adults, three children, a guinea pig, and two big dogs shared a small house and made it a home. We discovered one another again. We played together. We laughed together. We cried together. We loved one another.

We left one life and started another. We moved from the familiar to the unknown. We left the church and found God.

I am amazed by God’s grace. I am filled with God’s peace.

Thank you, God. Thank you.

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