College Visits – Day Three

Not everything in our college search has been big. For instance, we happened upon this miniature, fully operational roller coaster in a man’s back yard.

Just a peach-pit’s throw away from the Giant Peach you will find the “BLUE FLASH”!

As we drove past the newly plowed fields and small farm houses on 41 South out of Terre Haute, the electric blue track stood out against the fresh, green grass of southern Indiana. It immediately caught our eye and we debated whether to stop. It wasn’t a hard decision to make. If we detour for gigantic produce they we have to stop for miniature amusement park rides.

We pulled up in front of the house and marveled at the creation. It was obvious that we would have to go into the back yard to get a better look and decided that this invasion of privacy was too much to ask the home owners.

We started to drive away but changed our minds when we saw a woman looking out the living room picture window. It was if she was inviting us in for a visit. So, we backed into the drive and I grabbed my camera. As we approached the door, a tabby cat came from the garage to greet us. It wandered through flower beds and past a sign that read “All Creation Began in a Garden”.

We knocked on the front door and it was answered by a woman who had gone through this ritual many times before. In fact, she told us this. I asked about the coaster and she answered, “I saw your car sitting in the road and I though, ‘Oh, great. Here’s another one.'” I felt so welcomed.

But soon she was giving us details about the coaster, her husband’s enthusiasm for building the contraption, and his work on the second Blue Flash going on in their barn. She invited us to go see the ride for ourselves. We thanked her and made our way around the corner of the house.

It turns out that John Ivors loves to work with his hands. He can weld and paint and always wanted a roller coaster of his own. He started building the Blue Flash for his own amusement. He finished it in 2002. It is 180 feet long and the ride lasts a little over 10 seconds. And yes, it does have a loop-D-loop.

John is currently working on his second coaster that intertwines with the first. This ride has a smaller vertical drop but can allow for two carts to run at the same time. I do not know this new ride’s name but I will keep you posted.

We’ll have to visit more colleges next year just to see if it is finished. I’m sure Mrs. Ivors won’t mind.

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