Well, Hello There

You may think that I’m too busy and don’t think about you very often but it just isn’t true. I think about you nearly every day. My browser is set to open at this screen and I see that huge austinacre staring back at me and know that I should write. I should say something deep and meaningful. I should write prayers that move you closer to God’s heart, helping you on your conversion journey.

Instead, I am spending hours converting computer data at work.

I have been pleased to write many new lessons for my church’s children’s ministry. I have also been privaledged to write some narration & drama for our main worship services.

It is an exciting time for me. Recently, I was invited to assist with our Christmas Eve services. I was the “narrator” of the service and it went very well. It is amazing to think that I presented my own writing to nearly 7,500 people.

I will soon post some of my more recent writings. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to learn a little about my new cat, Sam.



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