Catching Up

Okay. Okay. I know it has been several months. People are beginning to talk. I guess I do not blame them. A picture of wheat and a link to a bird page is no substitute for witty insights into life and the human condition.

Before I return to sharing my observations of the world around us, I think I should bring you up to speed with my life and the random events that make living in the Austin family so remarkable. I will pick up from my last “real” posting of June 10, 2006.

June 13 – Haircut
June 23 – Changed Oil in two cars.
July 4 – Stayed at home and cooked chicken on the grill.
July 14 – Haircut
July 16-23 – Vacation to Michigan
July 24 – Gave my 8th Unit of blood then went swimming later in the day.
July 28 – Sharpened the blades on my mowers.
August 14 – Haircuts for the kids
August 16 – 1st day of school
August 30 – Haircut
September 10 – Colts vs Giants & my fantasy football team, The NOBLESVILLE MIGRAINES wins its first game.
September 17 – Colts vs Texas & the MIGRAINES win again.
September 24 – Colts vs Jacksonville & my MIGRAINE continues its pounding.
September 28 – Haircut
October 1 – Colts vs Jets and my fantasy team keeps on rolling.
Today – A NEW BLOG!

Now the stage is set for months of creative writings about life in Indiana and the future of my family.

Stay tuned.

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