Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

The call came in just hours before the surgery was to take place. “I’m afraid I have bad news…”

That’s right. My surgery is postponed. No ski boot, no block and tackle, no happy medicine, no hospital bed in my living room.

So for all who have offered services & prayer, thank you. You can still mow my yard for the next eight weeks and bring us dinners. Really. We don’t mind. But the surgery is moved to May 1 and I’ll be gimpy for a little while longer.

I do have one concern. My doctor had to cancel Monday’s surgery because he’s in the hospital. Ironic? One friend suggested that I should begin to ask questions about his hospitalization. What if he’s in there for treatment of his narcolepsy? This could have ramifications during my surgery if his medication isn’t in good balance. And come to think of it, he did look a little drowsy at my last appointment!

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