A Little Prayer?

I’m not one to beg for sympathy but I do believe in the power of prayer. And in that spirit, I want to let you know about my upcoming surgery.

Next Monday, I will be anesthetized, placed in a ski boot, and hooked into a block and tackle (at least that’s how I understand the procedure). The doctors are looking for a tear in my hip socket lining and to get in there, they have to pull my leg until there is a goodly amount of room for their medical instruments. Once the culprit is found, they will nip and tuck until I’m just like new.

At least that’s the plan.

In an effort to calm my nerves, my wife pats my hand, tells me there is nothing to worry about, and I’ll come out just fine. But a short time later she asked where we keep the life insurance policies. My lovely wife chastises me for voicing concern and in the next breath mentions that she’s having the kids stay with friends “just in case they have to be told any bad news.” Oh, sure…I’ve got nothing to worry about.

To make matters worse, I work at a medical malpractice law firm. We love doctors. They pay our bills. But my job is to listen to the horror stories from each and every caller. My favorites are those who call to report that they lost their mother during a non-invasive hip surgery. She’s not dead (at least they don’t think so) they just can’t find her in the hospital.

So, if on Monday morning, April 3, 2006, around 8:00 a.m., you happen to say a short prayer, it would be much appreciated. At least my wife’s mind will be put at ease.


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