A Tall Man in Japan

I want to invite you to visit my friend’s web site. The site is currently under construction but the story can still be found at The Walker Home Place.

Brian lives in Tokyo with his lovely wife, Pam and his energetic & inquisative daughter, Samantha.

Pam is a lawyer and does lots of law stuff. I don’t quite understand exactly what she does and there are times when I think Brian doesn’t fully understand it either. I can tell you that it has something to do with the law, the Japanese, and taxes.

Brian is a speech therapist. He helps people talk better. Unfortunately, he’s also from Virginia. So each of his patients develops a significant southern drawl. Given his current Japanese residence, this can be rather interesting. Close your eyes and listen for a mix between Jackie Chan & Luke Duke. It is not a pretty sound.

But Brian and Pam have Samantha and rightfully so, their world revolves around her. Many of Brian’s stories are focused on her experiences and life lessons. I invite you to take some time to visit Brian’s site over the course of the next few weeks to learn more about Japanese culture, taxes, and best of all, Samantha.

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