Ten Minute Blog

Okay, so I have just 10 minutes to write something meaningful and life-changing before I wake my children and get them headed to school. So I don’t have time to edit, correct, or re-write. I don’t even have time for the backspace button.

Down to 9 minutes and nothing deep has come from my mind to my fingers and onto the screen. This is more difficult than I thought.

8 minutes: An idea….come on old boy. Old Boy. OLD Boy! There you go…

7 minutes: Yesterday was my birthday. Did you know that? I’m now 42 years old which is like six dog years. No wonder my dog, Chip and I get along so well.

Anyway, early in the day I started getting e-mails from friends and family far and wide, wishing me a happy birthday. I was touched, surprised, and moved. I even had a small tear in my left eye.

But something seemed fishy. Something wasn’t quite right. The first few emails were from old and new friends who knew the date. But then I received one from someone I’ve not worked with for four years. BUT this someone works with my wife and I became suspicious. As the e-mails rolled in throughout the day, I knew the my lovely bride was behind all the well-wishing.

At first, I was disappointed because people didn’t remember on their own. But then I was deeply grateful. It was a birthday party without all the fuss. It was a card shower without stamps. It was an act of love from my wife, a offer of encouragement from my dear friends, and a caring gesture from people I only see every few years. At the end of the day, it meant more to me than any party or any number of gifts.

Combine this with dinner with my kids and wife and it was the perfect day.

Sure, we still blew out the candles of the obligitory pineapple upside-down birthday cake and spooned on ice cream. But it was the few, heart-felt words that came my way over the course of my big day that meant so much.

Thank you, Anita. Thank you, all.

Done. With one minute remaining. Life is so good.

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