Chicken Man

It is hard to believe but the picture to the right is me at age eleven. And yes, that’s my chicken.

I loved chickens more than any other farm animal. In the hierarchy of farm animals, chickens were the tops. More than dogs, rabbits, and especially cats; chickens ruled the roost (so to speak).

My enthusiams for poultry led me to enter my favorite pullet into the county fair. And best of all, my bird won the grand prize. The judge even commented on its superior size and quality.

In truth, the picture does not do the bird justice. She was huge. Unfortunately, I really did look like that.

If I remember correctly, my bird’s name was Henrietta and she laid many eggs in her lifetime. And a few years after this picture was taken she became a wonderful Sunday meal.

That’s life on the farm: From Winner to Dinner.

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