So Much for Resolutions

2006 is already 41 days old. When it first arrived, I had high ambitions. With the New Year came new resolutions. But I will be honest…so far, I’m not doing very well. I’ve lost some of the direction and purpose that comes in those early hours of a new year. Take a look and I think you will agree.

2006 Resolutions
1. Write every day. (Journal entries for 2006 were entered on January 2, 16, and February 5.)
2. Be nicer to small animals. (Ran over squirrel January 16 – wrote about it later that day – very funny story that I might share some time. You should have seen his little eyes when I came over that hill.)
3. Loose 2 lbs a month for the next year to total 24 lbs lost. (Scales on January 1 = 180 lbs. Scales on January 31 = 179 lbs)
4. Walk two miles every day. (Walked 3 miles on January 2 – very energetic! Too sore on January 3. Lost all interest by January 5.)
5. Lift weights every other day. (Pumped iron three times. Felt great. Lost my lifting buddy to a girl.)
6. Ride bike 30 minutes a day. (Rode once and suffered extreme pain from my gimpy hip for the next three days.)
7. Add to my blog every day. (Last entry: January 1)
8. Become wealthy. (Time on eBay has diminished my fortune by $150 dollars.)
9. Read 100 books. (Current books completed: Dick & Jane, See Spot Run, Charlie Brown & Snoopy, Too. I have started the picture book version of War & Peace.)
10. Become a Lincoln scholar. (Tried growing funky beard but people laughed.)

As you can see, my resolutions have, for the most part, gone unfulfilled. But I am not deterred. I am not disappointed. I am not giving up. In fact, I woke up this morning with a new resolve. My new list is below.

2006 Resolutions
1. No more lists.

There. I feel better already.

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