I love books. Every day on my way to and from work, I listen to books on tape. In the evenings, I enjoy reading books in print. This year alone, I have consumed more than eighty books. And I enjoy all types, from mystery to history. I read biography and anthology. I consume with equal delight a children’s story or a tale of glory. Recently, I have been reading a book called “In a Sunburned Country” by Bill Bryson. It is an account of his travel to and through Australia.

In his witty and well-written guide, Bryson provides an interesting history of the founding of the country that is “down under.” In the process, he illustrates life in this land with charming stories and detailed accounts of his visits to museums, pubs, and parks. He tells of adventures in driving, breath-taking scenic vistas, and near death experiences with dogs and spiders.

It is a charming book and I advise it for your next read, even if you never intend to visit Australia.

But an interesting thought popped into my head as I reveled in his stories and insights of a far-off and distant land: Why can’t I do the same thing? Why can’t I write my own Travelogue? Granted, I have no plans to travel beyond the state line, but why should I? I don’t need to fly 14 hours away. I can write my stories and observations about local attractions, local folk, good ol’ Indiana.

Perhaps, just perhaps, someone might want to travel to, say, Parker City, Indiana. They will want information about the nightlife and local curiosities, like the now defunct, ME Zoo. I could tell the story. I could write the book. Someone has to. It might as well be me.

So, look for my new stories, coming to a blog near you. They will be charming, witty, insightful, and exciting. Each story will endear you to the residents of Indiana’s quaint and oft-forgotten boroughs, burgs, and towns.

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