My New Friend

I love to mow my yard. It is more than home maintenance to me. It is something I love to do. It is peaceful. It is rewarding. It is my passion. It is therapeutic. I am the Forrest Gump of South Harbor.

But this year, due to a torn labrum in my hip, I was required to reduce my mowing experience. No longer could I mow two yards in my neighborhood and my yard twice a week. Imagine walking behind a mower for 25,000 steps each week. It really gives the cardiovascular system a work out. But, I had to cut back (so to speak) to mowing my front yard, alone. This was a devastating blow to my mental and physical health.

So this summer, I have been rather depressed. I sat at my window and watch the grass grow; hoping for another ½ inch of fescue to push toward the sky so I could limp outside and knock it down!

And then, a miracle happened. Driving home one evening, I saw a sign in the neighbor’s front yard. FOR SALE. $60 Needs Work. And behind that sign stood the most beautiful object I’d ever seen: A riding mower.

I left my car running on the curb and walked into my neighbor’s yard. I approached the mower slowly. My heart was racing like a newly tuned Lawnboy on a crisp April Saturday morning. I touched the hood and traced its delicate, but rusty lines. I brushed fresh grass clippings off the 32-inch mowing deck. As I looked up to survey the instrument panel, I jumped back, noticing the key laying on the seat. I picked it up unhurriedly and delicately fondled it between my quivering fingers.

After ringing the doorbell and knocking several times, I was sure no one was home. I returned to the mower and took a seat. I inserted the key and prayed. Without a hesitation or stutter, the engine raced to life. So I drove it around the yard for a while. The wind whipped through my hair.

I spoke with the neighbor and wrote her a check and she promised to give it to the seller of this fine machine when he returned home. I left my car and drove my new riding mower home.

Since that fateful day a month ago, I have had to do nothing to this fine machine. In fact, with only gas and oil, I have mowed many a yard. My 12.5 horsepower Murray Garden Tractor and I have become good friends. I may not be clocking as many walking miles, but my spirits soar. The grass is cut, my neighbors are happy, and I can’t wait for another ½ inch of turf to sprout up.


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