My Friend Bill

Okay, so Bill isn’t my friend. He’s some guy fishing on the side of the Ohio River near Louisville. But he caught a nice fish.

To Bill, it was just another fish. I mentioned how impressed I was, he just let out a grunt. I watched him reel it in. I watched him pull it out of the water and flop it onto the muddy rocks. It was no easy task. I asked if he put up a big fight. Bill grunted again. He wasn’t impressed. He just let it flip around, gasping for air, as he rigged up his line for his next catch.

But then, I asked if I could take his picture. I pulled out my camera and asked if he would lift up this fish. “Really?” he asked.

“Sure. I want all my friends to see your fish.” Suddenly, Bill’s attitude changed. He dropped is other pole and lifted the fish high in the air. This everyday Striper became a trophy. And so, for your enjoyment, here’s Bill’s fish. It isn’t the biggest one in the river but it was the biggest one I saw that day.

Thanks, Bill.


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