Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found
Was blind but now I see

Dear God,

Those words become more true every day. I wasn’t into drugs. I didn’t murder anyone. But my life had spun out of control. I truly was wretched. And you saved me.

I wondered lost and alone and you found me. You took my hand and led me back to your presence, peace, and love.

I couldn’t see the pain I was causing my family. I was blind to their broken hearts. I was unable to witness the self-destructive patterns of my own life. But you opened my eyes and showed me the painful truth. Then you took my face in your hands and asked me to look into your eyes. Nothing was ever so clear.

Thank you, God, for your Amazing Grace. Thank you, God, for your love.



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  1. I was out searching for christian related information, when I landed on your page. C. Curtis Austin you have some good stuff there. While Amazing Grace wasn't exactly what I was looking for I enjoyed the read Thanks. So I'll continue on looking for christian, see you again some time.

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