It Is a Brief Case, Not a Man Purse

I am now a part of the movement called “Freecycle.” I can’t stop. I get 100 emails a day from people offering free stuff. Members can choose from headboards, cell phones, fire wood, Labrador puppies, chairs, tables, books, and any variety of clothing items including DDD braziers. A pickup truck and a paddle boat went like hot-cakes.

I rid myself of an extra dog crate and television.

Some who are resourceful request items. Some people look for anything to do with movie posters or Blue’s Clues. I said I would like a canoe or anything to do with bonsai. Apparently Freecyclers don’t play with little trees in boats because I haven’t heard from anyone yet.

The free stuff can be junk (I know, you are shocked by this revelation). I picked up a cordless phone and a cable modem. Only one had a power cord. They were both thrown in a box and I’m not sure which one gets it. I tossed them both in the trash.

But the other day, I picked up a real beauty. A black, leather, brief case. Real leather! Not like the fake padded plastic bags for laptops. This is the real deal. It even matches my shoes. Now if I just had some important papers to carry around it would all be worth the effort.


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