Let’s try something for one minute….Stop whatever you are doing and answer this question:

Have you ever done something bad? Now, I’m not talking about something not nice, or something petty, or even something questionable. I am asking about something Bad with a capital “B”.

Have you ever stolen anything? Money? Food? Equipment? Tools? Office supplies?

Have you ever lied to anyone? Your boss? Wife? Parents? Neighbors? Teachers? God?

Have you ever hurt someone? Fist fight? Cutting remarks? Ignoring them?

Have you ever turned away from God because you were too busy? Not interested? Angry? Proud? Self-important?

Have you ever done something Bad? If so, and most of us have, God offers Grace. God offers forgiveness. God offers peace, mercy, and love. God offers Himself. There is good news. There is Grace. God reports in Hebrews 10:17, “Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.”

Their sins and lawless acts…I will remember no more. May you know God’s grace today. May you know God’s short memory. Ask for his forgiveness. Ask for his mercy. Seek his grace and it is yours to find. AMEN.


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