Fantasy Football

I don’t do sports. As a general rule, I watch football and college basketball. But I don’t play. Never really did. Some people think this is a character flaw. Other people think it represents my level of physical weakness. I just say I’m not a competitor at something I can’t win.

But I’m in this Fantasy Football League and I’m kicking butt. A friend was trying to explain how the scoring works in Fantasy Football. He droned on and on about this and that. I stopped listening and started choosing my players based on the colors of their jersies. They may not always win, but they will be color-coordinated in the midst of their defeat.

Actually, after week one, I am at the top of my standings. My team, while not winning the most points over-all, won its division. So either I’m really good or the other teams are really bad.

I suppose there is a third option: I’m really lucky. And as we all know..there is no such thing as luck. In reality, my standing this week can just as easily be changed next. My position on the top of the pile today is only temporary. Something can come along and hit us, hard, and knock us right back down the hill. Sure, I may stay on top for a while but I could just as easily be brought down by one bad pass or an interception.
As a wise man once said, “Fantasy Football is not like life…it IS life.”

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