The Start of My Week

My wife flew out to San Francisco this morning. We arrived at the airport at 5:30 a.m. Only a few other people were there…a few thousand. I didn’t mind dropping her off. In fact, I asked to drop her off. I love my wife and will miss her. It is a great opportunity to spend a few more minutes with her before she leaves.

But I knew I was in trouble when I heard the click of the door lock. I pulled up to the curb, stopped the car, placed it in park and left the driver’s side to get her luggage out of the trunk. Before I reached the back door, I heard the click and terror struck. In an instant I was yelling, “No. NO. NOOOOO!!!” But I was too late. She had already shut the door and we were locked out off our running car in front of the curbside check in for American West Airlines.

I took several deep breaths. When I opened my eyes again and raised my chin from my chest, I saw security approaching from several different directions. They surveyed the situation and quickly realized that we were no threat to national security. I don’t know if it was my head pounding against the driver’s side window or my wife’s desperate attempts to scratch at the passenger side door, but they picked up on the subtle clues and let us go about our business.

When one guard stopped smiling, he was nice enough to call for a tow truck. One-half hour later, the driver of the towing company stopped in front of the van. He was nice enough to put his flashers on so more people would be drawn to our awkward situation. His pony-tail was very attractive. Combined with his three-day growth of a beard, he had that Don Johnson-Miami Vice-Tow Truck Driver thing going.

As I signed the release giving this man permission to damage my car without the threat of retribution, I was informed that his services would cost $35. Of course, I only had two twenties. Of course, he didn’t take a check. Of course, he didn’t have change.

$40 later, my wife pulled her luggage into the terminal and I pulled the van into the early morning traffic. It certainly was an interesting morning. It has already started my week off in an interesting fashion. I am looking forward to picking up my wife later this week. I think I will bring a second set of keys.


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