One hour of daylight remained. Sunset was on the horizon and several hours of driving lay ahead. Even assuming we found an adequate campsite, pitched our tent in record time, and settled in quickly, it would still be deep into twilight before we were fed and asleep.

It was a daunting decision…Do we forge ahead or stop and rest?

It was a difficult dilemma…Do we pitch our tent in the darkness of night only to sleep on unseen rocks and twigs under our bags or find a room with a soft bed and cable T.V.?

It was a considerable conundrum…Do we eat granola bars and prunes or stop at McDonald’s for a Quarter-pounder with large fries?

It was a paralyzing prospect…Share our most intimate feelings in the dark of the tent, with hoot owls and tree frogs hearing every word or eat buttery popcorn and watch Darth Vadar slip precariously into the Dark Side?

After minutes of soul searching and seconds of critical debate, we chose fast food, a cheap motel, a soft bed, and Star Wars.

This Wilderness Hiking isn’t so bad, after all.

Next Week: Into the Wilderness


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