A Long Walk & A Short Leash

The dog lives in a crazy world. It begins when she comes out of her crate first thing in the morning. First, she runs in circles, and begins spinning like a top. Then the level of her craziness increases as she pants heavily and jumps straight up in the air three or four times. Once outside she bolts back and forth across the yard in a blur of golden fur. If we let her in the house, she skips and hops from one room to the next, checking every item with a quick sniff. She never sits, she never lays, she never stops. Kula has issues.

We adopted Kula from the Humane Society. Abandoned as a pup and found wandering the streets of Noblesville, Kula is part Golden Retriever, part Chow (aren’t all stray dogs part Chow?) She is beautiful and we love her despite her craziness. But we also want to help her with her issues.

We recently learned that putting Kula on a leash does more to calm her spirit than anything we have tried. No amount of scolding, cussing, or medication has made an impact and we have tried large amounts of all three. Some medications were even given to the dog. Today, when her life begins to spin out of control, we put the leash around her neck and go for a long walk. It reminds her of the order of things. She becomes calm. Her heart finds peace.

Have you ever known a person who could use a long walk and a short leash? Have you ever known someone who lives in craziness and chaos? From the moment they get up in the morning to the time they fall asleep at night, these folks are in constant motion. They jump, they spin, they pant, they run, but they never seem to get anywhere. Their mind and heart is overflowing with a chaos and craziness that eventually spins out into every other area of their life. Perhaps you are one of these people. I know I use to be.

In the book of John, chapter 14, verse 27, Jesus tells his disciples about the gift he is giving them. And it a big one. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

Peace. Assurance. Troubled-free hearts. For Kula, Peace comes in the form of a short leash and a long walk. For me it arrives when I give God control of my life. Stillness comes when I allow God to be the Alpha, the leader, the one in charge. When I am willing to follow his direction, I find assurance. When I am willing to walk beside him, I have peace. When I let him lead, I know comfort.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to take a walk with God and my dog.


Copyright 2005, C. Curtis Austin, A 2BlackDogs Production

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