Dear God,

From this patio chair, I can see Robins in search of worms, their heads turned at odd angles, listing for the moving sounds of night crawlers beneath the fresh green grass.

I see sparrows hopping between dandelions, picking the delicate parachute seeds, searching for early spring bugs to take to newly formed nests.

I see tender fern fronds, their full length contained in a tight curl, awaiting the warmth of a spring day to unfurl to the morning sun.

I see lilac bushes in full bloom, their slender branches pulled low by the weight of the fragrant clusters of perfume and color.

I see the bumblebee, circling hanging floral arrangements, flying low to the blooming Columbine, Blue Dame’s Rocket, dandelions, and back again. Its body in silhoute. Its wings unseen.

I witness this beauty and wonder. I see these things and I am amazed. Your creation is inspiring. Your creatures, great and small, stir the soul and astonish the spirit and I give You thanks. AMEN.


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