Spring Rain

Dear God,

I lay motionless in bed and listen to the sweet, spring shower gently tapping against the windowpane. It is a beautiful sound. Water splatters through the screen mesh and collects against the glass. The rhythmic drops on the open frame combine to form a peaceful lullaby.

A single flash of light illuminates the bedroom. For only a moment, only an instant, I see the bedroom door propped open with a shoe, the blur of the ceiling fan, lace curtains blowing gently in the cool night air. And just as suddenly, darkness returns.

The roll of thunder begins low and far away but soon crescendos into a dramatic rumble, shaking the house, rattling the windows. Its deep bass plays against my ears. As it fades, its power is made even more awesome by the long, profound silence that follows.

I love the rain. I find comfort in the spring storm, knowing it brings moisture to the grass, nutrients to the flowers, growth to all that is green. I find peace in the hush of the night, which is only intensified by the drumming of the rain, the flash of lightning, the roll and depth of the thunder.

Your rain comes tenderly. I am thankful. It sings me to sleep. AMEN.

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