Bored Believer

Dear Austin’s Acre:

I love God but I hate church. Every week it is the same old thing. It is long, uninteresting, boring, and repetitious. I have the most difficult time staying focused. During the songs, I daydream. During the sermon, I doodle. During the prayers, I sleep. Any suggestions?

Signed, A Bored Believer.

Dear Bored Believer:

This is a common problem among many church attenders. The fact that you wrote your letter to Austin’s Acre on last week’s bulletin proves that you have a severe case of church boredom. I suffered from this problem, as well. In fact, I remember one time when I actually fell asleep during the pastoral prayer. The big problem was that I was the pastor doing the praying. People thought we had moved into “Silent Prayer” until I began to snore.

The main thing is that you should not feel bad. Many people suffer from this common problem. I have often heard it said that God wouldn’t go to many of our churches, and usually doesn’t. So don’t feel bad.

Two suggestions come to mind: First, buy a Walkman and listen to music, a baseball game, or books on tape. Keep it in your front shirt pocket and use a single earpiece. If people ask, it is a hearing aid.

Second: Buy a journal. Open your Bible on one knee and place the journal on the other. Thoughtfully make notes during the service. People around you will think you are listening intently when in fact, you will be making your household to-do list. Work on your resume, make your grocery list, or write a letter to your grandmother. You can even jot some creative stories for future blogs. The options are endless!


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