A Prayer of Extremes

Dear God,

Another week has come and gone. We know for some, it has passed as quickly as the spring breeze that brought new flowers to Indiana. For others, it has been a storm-filled week, like a spring blizzard in Colorado.

For some, it has been a week of renewal, strength, and healing filled with bike rides, brisk walks, and deep cleansing breaths. For others, it has been seven days of illness and concern filled with hospital visits, doctors’ offices, shocking diagnoses, and tears.

For some, it has been a week of family unity and evening dinners around the kitchen table, playing games, telling stories, and laughter filling the air. For others, it has been a week of family turmoil, daily squabbles, broken hearts, and pillows wet with tears.

For some, the week behind offered every opportunity and the week ahead is even brighter. For others, last week was a time of dark clouds and discouragement. Remembering each day brings pain and thinking of next week is not even possible.

But for each one,, God, we know you are there. For those who struggle through dark times, we know you are one step ahead, lighting the way. For those who walk in light, you walk with them, hand-in-hand.

For those who weep, you wipe away the tear. For those who rejoice, we know you rejoice with them. We know you bring hope. We know you bring life. We know you bring peace. And in darkness or light, sorrow or joy, chaos or quiet, we are thankful because you are with us. Amen.


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