Palm Sunday

Here is the sad but honest truth. I forgot Palm Sunday.

It isn’t that I forgot about Palm Sunday. I simply forgot that it was Palm Sunday. I knew it was near. I anticipated its arrival. I planned for its coming. I even wrote about its advent and then I forgot.

What is even worse is that I did not realize it until worship on Palm Sunday. The congregation sang, the scriptures were read, and preaching started. It all seemed strangely familiar and then it dawned on me. I quickly checked the bulletin. I scanned the calendar and found the unfortunate truth. Palm Sunday had arrived and I was not prepared.

I was mortified. After all, Palm Sunday is the story of Jesus, hailed by the people of Jerusalem and soon forgotten by the same folks. It really is not hard to find the irony.

For the past month, I have written devotionals for the journey through Lent, our pilgrimage to the cross. Now as Jesus enters the week of The Passion, the very heart of Lent, I am asleep at the pen. Like the people waving palm branches as their King entered the city, I lost sight of the journey.

I didn’t appreciate the short amount of time remaining before the event of the cross. I did not come to this day fully prepared. How about you? Has your season of Lent prepared your for this day? Have you been alert as you followed Jesus to the cross or have you found yourself unaware? Has your spirit been found wanting? Have you suddenly discovered that time is short?

Easter is only a week away. Seven days remain. But there is still much to see and do. But before we can appreciate the party we must experience the passion.

We must march through the palms.
We must eat the bread and drink the cup.
We must pray with passion and with blood.
We must face the judgment and receive the lashes.
We must carry the cross and be laid in the tomb.

Wake up. Prepare yourself. Holy Week has begun. The clock is running and there is very little time left.

Dear God:
We are certainly poor in spirit. We are absolutely weak in our souls. We falter in our faith. While you stride toward the cross, we fail in our steps. Give us your power to persevere. Give us your wisdom to watch and wait. Renew our spirits and our souls as we journey through the difficult days ahead. AMEN.

Copyright 2005 C. Curtis Austin 2BlackDogs Production

Join us each day this week as we discuss Holy Week and the Passion of Christ.
Monday: Not Close Enough – Luke 18:18-30
Tuesday: The Last Supper – Luke 22:7-23
Wednesday: Fast Asleep – Luke 23:39-46
Thursday: Simon’s Task – Luke 23:26
Friday: Joseph’s Labor of Love – Luke 23:50-55
Saturday: A Day of Silence – Luke 23:56
Sunday: A New Beginning – Luke 24:1-12

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