Eagles out my Window (revised 12/17/04)

Northern Indianapolis. Buisness buildings. I-465 running past.

This is where I work. Monday through Friday. 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. I talk to people on the phone all day and occassionally look out my window to the world below. My office is twelve floors up; high enough to appreciate the view but not so high that my nose bleeds. From this window, I see my car in the parking lot. People don’t really look like ants from this height. But they really do scurry.

I’m listening to the person on the phone who is explaining their problems. I am doing my best at actively listening and taking notes. I look up from my yellow pad and see something I have never witnessed before and I am shocked back to life. A Bald Eagle is circling above the next building!

In amazement, I watch the bird’s mighty wing span stretch six, no ten feet across! It’s white tail reflects the afternoon sun. It’s sleak, majestic head looks right and left as it circles and climbs an updraft. I realize I am no longer listening to the caller and ask if I can call right back. I run down the hall waving and pointing out the north windows but before anyone responds, the bird has sored too high and too far east for anyone to appreciate.

Discouraged, I go back to my office, preparing to return the call. And just at that moment I see another flash of black and white rise from the parking lot below! It was! It is!! Another eagle rises into the air and this bird has a second, darker bird with it. The second is an immature eagle, without the markings familiar to the adult, but there is no doubt; three bald eagles are flying right outside my office window.

I tried to explain to one of the attorneys that this was a good omen. He was preparing for a trial, defending an innocent victim from the world’s injustice. “Look!” I exclaimed! “The symbol of liberty and justice just outside our office! What more could you want!?” He didn’t even rise from his seat. He simply looked at me with pity.

I am an avid birder and have been for many years. Whenever I travel I look for birds. My life list totals about 250 birds. But I had never seen a bald eagle and certainly never a bald eagle at work. I called and left a message last night for an old friend who started me into the hobbie. “This is a voice you’ve not heard for a long time but I just have to tell you this…” and I spilled the entire story onto his answering machine.

Few events happen in our lives that truly move us. This is my 4th. Someday I’ll tell you about the other three. Until then, I’ve got my eyes turned to the sky and I’ll keep you posted.

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