The Keys to Success

Matthew and Coleman are six and eight years old. They are bright, creative, and energetic. They live down the street and are constantly on the go. At times this can be wonderful to watch. Other times it can be quite scary.

This past summer the boys were looking for a way to make some money. They wanted to do more than walk dogs and wash cars. They wanted to make big money.

They realized big money required a big plan.

So they came up with a big idea.

A brilliant idea.

A fantastic idea.

They would hold a CAR SHOW!

They collected all their toy cars, models, and hot wheels. They arranged them in nice, neat rows on the back porch. They found paper and they sharpened crayons. They scribbled signs, complete with direction arrows, proclaiming “CAR SHOW!” They posted these signs up and down the neighborhood and returned to their home to await the crowds. The final step of their grand scheme was to carefully mark a bowl, “Tips“.

About an hour later there was a knock on the door. Their mother, completely unaware of the plan, rose to answer. She found a frail, well-tanned couple looking up at her from the front stoop. They announced that they were looking for the “Car Show”. Her blank expression begged for an explanation. The couple, sensing the need to clarify, continued. They lived in Florida and were visiting family in Indiana. While driving around the neighborhood, they spotted colorful signs that promised a Car Show. They followed the signs in an effort to find the big event. Here they were.

Their mother was shaken but had no doubt who was to blame. She called her two sons who ran past her and took the couple by the hands. They graciously led their guests to the back porch. They were beaming with pride. Their first customers! Their mother followed in complete disbelief.

Once on the porch, the aged couple understood the situation fully. Appreciating the humor, they made polite remarks about the condition of the cars, the paint jobs, and the presentation. They stayed the appropriate amount of time and dropped a dollar in the tip jar. Their laughter could be heard as they drove away.

Before any more car enthusiasts or white-haired snowbirds could arrive, the boys were ordered to take down all the signs in the neighborhood and put the cars away. They were disappointed that the show must be close but thrilled that their plan paid off. They made some big money.

I can’t wait until next summer. I hear the boys have been working with their dog, teaching him some tricks and I want to get a front row seat for this show. The way these brothers think, they just might give Barnum and Bailey a run for their money. I hope they have their tip jar ready!

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