A Fantastic Dining Experience

Between doctors’ appointments (another story for another time), I stopped to get an egg and coffee and kill some time. Little did I know how this meal would change my view of morning dining in Indianapolis!

In a strip mall just off 82nd street near Keystone & the Crossing is a little store front called the Metro Diner.  I found my seat and was greeted by my server for the morning. Kadance has the most amazing smile and is quick to fill your coffee cup and make sure you are well cared for.

The Fried chicken Benedict – a life-changing meal.

I ordered the Fried Chicken Benedict, a dish I’d never tried before but highly recommend! It’s a biscuit with a freshly fried chicken finger topped with a poached egg and Benedict sauce. I was given a steak knife to cut through the stack but quickly discovered that nothing more than a fork is needed. Most importantly, the eggs were cooked to perfection! They were clouds of loveliness and despite a lifetime of eating eggs, I’ve never had one better.

From left-to-right, Chef Perfection Elmer, Server of Joy and Coffee, Kandace, and the Guy in Charge of Smiles, Chase.

The Metro Diner is a chain with locations in Alabama, Delaware,  Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina and Oklahoma, but I learned that the expert of egg-cellence is a man named Elmer who has worked at the north-Indy location from the first day the store opened. He’s the best poacher in the country and the manager was quite proud to promote his chef when asked.

If you have the time and find yourself in the area, I truly believe stopping and ordering a meal is worth your money and time. For me, I know my next order, Charleston Shrimp and Grits. I cannot wait to visit once again.

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