DAY 15

What an interesting day. Anita and I sat on the main stage at church as panel members for the sermon about the Song of Songs. She was so articulate and insightful in her observations (no surprise).

After the service we moved all of Jonathan’s worldly belongings into his friend’s car and he returned to IU. Anita drove on to the airport to catch her flight to Florida and the nursing conference at Disney World.

I took Em & Ben home and then drove back to a neighborhood in Carmel for Emily’s small group meeting. While she had fun with her friends, I stopped to get my haircut. Once I was beautiful again, I stopped at BW3’s for some chips and football. Only a few people stared at me while I typed for my blogas the Chargers played the Steelers.

Now I’m home and in my jammies. Life can’t get much better.


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