Can We Talk?

A friend asked me why no one ever leaves any comments on my blog. I could only come up with a few good answers. Please check the one that applies to you.

A. I don’t read your blog so why would I post a comment.
B. I don’t post comments to blogs I don’t read.
C. Posting comments is something I only do on blogs I read and that interest me.
D. I only post comments when I care about the topic that is intersting. Your’s are not.
E. How do I get off the mailing list for this blog?
F. How do you make sour dough?

In fact, what I learned is that, despite the 4000 visits to the site since the end of last year, anyone who had the desire to send a post COULDN’T! It is a little thing we in the blog world like to call a “setting”. Say it with me…”setting”. That’s right, boys and girls, if I want to prevent my friends and enemies from posting their comments to my site, I simply need to change the setting.

But because inquiring minds want to know your thoughts more than my own, I have un-checked this particular “setting” on every page. Now you have the freedom to roam the Acre to your heart’s desire, making comments left and right, up and down, willy-nilly!

So, Go Crazy! Be wild! Start a whole string of posts and comments!

Because the world wants to know what you think. And to be honest, so do I.


  1. If others are like me, I enjoy reading the blogs but don’t always find that I have to comment on the posts…however, I have been very amused by many of your posts and should let you know so that you continue!

  2. I have a number of standards by which I grade/rank your posts. General stories and musings have to pass the coffee test. Most stories rank an MTcup status. With family themed posts I prefer to go with the Emily black olived finger test. Five black olives on fingers for a great family story. One black olive on a finger leaves one feeling cheated.Photos and art get judged against your Vacation (1/6) 1987.(and you wondered what kind of comments you would get)

  3. ive read all the way back a year! every single one since may 07. and im still catching up. 🙂 i love getting to know the austins better through these!

  4. I read…not as good at responding, but will do better hopefully : ) Must get caught up!Unrelated…with the way the dogs are sitting in this picture, it kind of looks like the Austins own a small cow…but I’m sick, so I might be delusional.

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