Life in a Mall

I’m in the Fashion Mall eating Charlie & Barney’s grilled cheese, watching people suck on Starbucks and escaping from the office for a quick lunch. A woman of Hispanic descent is mopping up a child’s spilled milk as a woman dressed in white riding pants walks by in her shiny black boots. She must have just come from the stables to grab a chili and diet coke.
Cars are driving under my feet. The food court spans the road leading into the mall and from my table, I can see mini-vans and SUV’s making their way to the crowded parking lot.
My grilled cheese is greasey and the crowd noise picks up as more and more shoppers fill the surrounding tables. Young mothers with their new-born babies stroll past, looking for the Baby Gap.
Everyone is happy and well fed and it is time for me to return to work.

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